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Temple History

On the bank of river Sabarmati a holy place comes as ” NARAYANGHAT “. As our epics Narayanghat is above from all 'tirth' (a holyplace).In ancient time this area was known as “ DHARMARANYA”. Dharmadev and Murti devi did hard penance to please lord on the bank of Sabarmati at Narayanghat. When Lord Narayan appears to them and asks for boon. They want 4 sons like god himself . As a boon, lord incarnet him self in 4 forms of ’HARI’ , ‘KRISHNA ‘,‘ NAR and’ ‘NARAYAN ’ so Narayanghat is a birth place of Lord Narnarayandev. Whenever lord Swaminarayan came to Ahmedabad he used to come to Narayanghat everyday with all saints for bathing in Sabarmati river. This place is as pious as Akshardham.


Lord Swaminarayan was a lord of 21st century. He wasn’t orthodox or rigid. He wrote in Shikshapatri that my follower should respectably obey panchadev ( Vishnu , Shiv, Ganapati , Parvati and Surya )and he also did for his entire life . as a part of religious oneness he installed and worshiped all of them on different occasions and different places. On bank of Sabarmati at Narayanghat ( this place ) He installed a Shivlinga and worshiped it so many time. The same Shivlinga is still here for all to worship in a temple near by Hanumanji temple in front of main temple and on bank of river. In Hinduism we believe in rebirth . For our passed away relatives we do so many rituals after their passing away .There are certain special places where you can perform this rituals. Narayanghat is a oldest place for these kind of rituals in Ahmedabad . Hundreds of people come here for this type of rituals and temple provides them enough facilities too . The daily chants of 'Vaidik mantra' and 'Aahuti' given in 'yagya' by bhrahmins makes atmosphere of Narayanghat more pure and holy. In Hinduism we believe that the cow is the holiest among all animals. So from long long years before our forth fathers started to do puja of cows. Its essential that the natural resources we are using for our self we should use it with knowledge of their limitations and respect . Not only cows but air ,water and sun too. So for ritual called “ GAUDAN and GAUPUJAN “ there is a “ GAUSHALA “ is also here , Where people perform the ritual and also cow milk is being used for temple. The importance of this place is endless . No one can describe it in word . You all are welcome here for realise the peace of mind and feel the presence of that supreme power lord by your self. “ UTSAV “ ( festival) is part of human being since long . We human are fond of festivals . Lord swaminarayan was also fond of UTSAVS . He celebrated almost all utsavs of hinduism like ram navami , janmastami , shivratri , rasotsav , rangotsav etc.. The difference between celebrations which lord had celebrated and other was devine presence of lord him self and other main thing was some time people forget the main essence of this religious festivals and enjoying them selves beyond the boundries of religion and ethics and values . So lord him self celebrated all festivals with joy and real values too , and also advoce us to do same in future . So we are celebrating all festivals here as he advised us to do . among them all festivals 3 festivals are like special for us here 1) Shakotsav 2)sharadotsav 3) Jal jilani ekadashi ( ganesh visarjan utsav )