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Prashadhi Place


On the bank of river Sabarmati a holy place comes as ” NARAYANGHAT “. As our epics Narayanghat is above from all 'tirth' (a holyplace).In ancient time this area was known as “ DHARMARANYA”. Dharmadev and Murti devi did hard penance to please lord on the bank of Sabarmati at Narayanghat. When Lord Narayan appears to them and asks for boon. They want 4 sons like god himself . As a boon, lord incarnet him self in 4 forms of ’HARI’ , ‘KRISHNA ‘,‘ NAR and’ ‘NARAYAN ’ so Narayanghat is a birth place of Lord Narnarayandev. Whenever lord Swaminarayan came to Ahmedabad he used to come to Narayanghat everyday with all saints for bathing in Sabarmati river. This place is as pious as Akshardham.